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Better Performance, Faster Recovery. Discover a deeper, more effective muscle treatment.

Our Massage Guns ensure you can recover better and experience a massage no matter where you are. Take one everywhere you go - to sports practice, with you to the locker room, and on long trips to away games. Our Massage Guns can be found in weekend sports locker rooms across Australia.

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Tech Specs

An up-close and personal look at our Massage Gun

  • 6+ Hours Battery Life

    Take it with you wherever you go, with up to 6 hours of battery life. Treat pain wherever you are.

  • Super Quiet Motor

    Our massage guns are among the quietest in the world. Rest assured you will have no problem watching TV, talking or even being in the library.

  • 30 Speed Levels

    Ranging from 800 strokes Per Minute to up to 3600 Strokes Per Minute. Rest assured you will find the right setting for all muscle & pain types.

  • LED Battery Indicator

    Features a LED Battery indicator light strip at the base which illuminates Green, Yellow or Red depending on the remaining battery life.

  • Take it with you

    If you could carry a massage therapist around with you everywhere, we’re willing to bet that you would. And that's why all of our massage guns now come with our new Premium Carry Case.

    Take it with you on hikes, or leave it in the office draw. Sleek, stylish and lightweight, our massage gun is the very definition of ultra-portability. Lightweight and unobtrusive, your massage gun goes wherever you go.

  • Ultra Quiet

    Muscle recovery doesn't have to be synonymous with noise. Unlike typical massage guns on the market, our Australian engineering team has sought to provide you with the optimum sound insulation.

    Tired of the typical 'drilling' sound of typical massage guns? Our massage guns feature aerodynamic sound insulation, with acoustic absorption material, and noise reduction technology to insulate sound from the brushless motor.  Rest assured you will have no problem watching TV, talking or even being in the library.

  • Recover Smarter

    Our Massage Gun unlocks the physical benefits of percussive therapy. Unlike traditional massagers and foam rollers, our massage guns use hyper-targeting where you need it.

    Using Smart Recovery technology, our massage guns deliver rapid bursts of pressure deep into the muscle tissue. These pulses soothe soreness, increase blood flow and relieve lactic acid build up, leading to optimal muscle recovery, efficient pain relief and improvement of overall function and range of motion.

Other Features

Our Massage Guns are packed state of the art features, engineered to ensure you can recover better no matter where you are.
Full Body Relief & Relaxation

Our versatile gun features 30 adjustable speeds & comes with 7 Interchangeable Rubber Massage Head Tips for Targeting Pressure Points on Neck, Back, Calf, Leg, Shoulder, Hip & More.

100% Aussie Owned & Operated

Our Head Office is located here in Sydney, Australia. All of our orders are shipped from either our Sydney or Melbourne Warehouse. This way we can provide all customers with the shortest shipping time possible.

Super Quiet Motor Technology

Unlike Earlier Percussion Tools, Ours Delivers the Same Powerful Comfort & Relief Without Distracting Noise; Perfect for Male & Female Athletes, Bodybuilders, Runners, Swimmers & Weightlifters. Rest assured you will have no problem watching TV, talking or even being in the library.


Don't take our word for it

Wow. I have had a nursing injury to my back for 20 years but have never found a massager that it adequate to relax my muscles when they spasm. I cannot begin to explain how awesome this massager's like a power tool! It is more than adequate for the task and the multiple heads that fit it help so much, whether it be a soft "ball" to a wonderful "fork" that works it way down you spine...such a fan. The multiple speeds are a bonus. The fact that it is cordless is even more of a plus....I seriously cannot recommend this enough. 20 years of massagers, massage chairs, physio, chiro, etc...I serious believe this is the most beneficial thing I have found. BUY IT NOW!!!!

This massage has been the best thing I have purchased to help me manage my lower back pain and hip. There is no comparison with the ones I have in my cupboard. (Now in the back of my cupboard).

Great tool after workout. It runs for days without needing charging. Easy to use. The Massage Guys delivered it super fast. Recommended.

Fabulous gun for my daughter who is a dancer - she is absolutely delighted with it. it really helps with muscle fatigue! came in the mail in 2 days, such a convenient little travel case. Excellent service too.

My partner works on a farm and has lower back pain. I usually try to massage it but get sore hands after a while, now he can sit and use the massage gun himself for as long as he needs to and without my help. Thank you it's well worth the money for all of us.

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband & he thinks it’s the best gift I’ve ever given him! Settings allow for it to be soft enough for our child to have a relaxing massage & hard enough for hubby who is a bigger fella and likes a deep tissue massage. Attachments are easy to switch & carry case ensures it can be all kept together and easy to take away with you. Charging is quick and easy. Have suggested to all our family to get themselves one! Very happy with my purchase!